Boy, 9, dies of uncommon blood cancer two days after being identified

A 9-year-vintage schoolboy from Dover in Kent has died two days after being diagnosed with rare blood most cancer. Josh Harber and his mother and father, Danielle and Dean, have been informed that he has an aggressive shape of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) on July 7.

Boy, 9, dies of uncommon blood cancer two days after being identified 1

The aspiring footballer was rushed to the emergency branch at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford after a blood test showed the severity of his contamination.

He was later transferred to St George’s Hospital in London for treatment but died just forty-eight hours after his prognosis on July 9.

Sharing a photograph of Josh in his soccer package on social media, his father, Dean, thanked contributors of Grassroots Football UK for their aid and paid tribute to his son.

Dean stated: ‘Thank you for being curious about your high-quality phrases, love, assistance, and kind donations. We wanted to share this photo of Josh at his happiest when he became awarded manager participant of the yr remaining season.

‘Josh became widely known for his love of soccer and first-rate smile; that’s how he got his nickname Smiler. We all love and miss him a lot. However, he’ll forever be with us.’

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Harber circle of relatives –including Josh’s brother Lewis, thirteen, and Jack, eight — to ‘make recollections and stay up for things while constantly remembering their Josh.’

‘At this heartbreaking time, we would like to guide Danielle and her family,’ the page creators said.

‘We would like to elevate money for Josh’s brothers Jack and Lewis to assist them in getting through this time, and do not forget their brother and all the matters he loved to do!’

Well-wishers have donated more than £5,000 inside the five days because it turned into installation via friends of Josh’s mom.

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