This App HelpedOne Woman Lose 30 Pounds and Keep It Off

When Chelsea Chaves, 27, had her son at 19, she wasn’t concerned approximately losing baby weight. “I turned into honestly skinny and I never had to do lots to live in shape,” says the former high school and college cheerleader.

But by the time her son was 2 years vintage, Chaves was coping with a full-time university course load and a component-time task training cheerleading in her place of origin at the same time as her husband additionally worked and attended school. “We had been just busy with college and touring all of the time,” says Chaves. “If I cooked, I’d make pasta or sloppy joes.” Fast meals become their time-saving move-to.

Those conduct caused a slow and regular weight gain. She attempted to combat it with weight loss plan shakes and supplements her cousin liked, but they didn’t paintings for her. “Each time I tried them, I’d lose 10 kilos and advantage returned 15,” says Chaves. By the stop of 2015, she reached her maximum weight.

On excursion in Europe that 12 months, Chaves and her own family took numerous on foot tours and she was surprised she couldn’t keep up with the organization. “I had a absolutely difficult time looking to breathe and fell behind each person,” she says.
Starting the Fit Body Guides

When she got again to the States, Chaves observed Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guides. Although she’d been following Victoria on Instagram for a while, she by no means attempted any of her programs. But Chaves decided to give it a shot after seeing a motivational post on Victoria’s ’gram that said there’s constantly an excuse no longer to work out and that you need to prioritize your health to make it show up.

After a loose -week trial of Victoria’s FBG PDFs (it became 2016, men), Chaves found out she virtually loved working out and wanted to keep up her development. She bought the beginner 12-week program and followed along. Her new habitual consisted of hitting the health club five or six instances a week to boost dumbbells and kettlebells and to knock out excessive-intensity interval education sporting activities like burpees, lunges, squats, and mountain climbers. Each week receives progressively harder, growing weights or reps.

Although she says she gets bored effortlessly, the workouts, which trade up every weeks (at the PDFs and now inside the app), hold her encouraged and pumped for each sesh. “The more I did the exercises, the more potent I’d get,” she says.

Making development

Besides getting healthier, Chaves began feeling so much greater assured at the gymnasium—mainly in the weight room. A few years again, she joined a women’s only gym, and even that environment had her feeling some kind of way approximately all the device and what the hell to do with it. But with the FBG plan, she felt prepared to conquer any move or gadget, even when she started operating out at her university’s co-ed health club.

Although she didn’t lose a ton of weight before everything, Chaves noticed that her garments commenced fitting higher and her frame looked enormously distinctive.

About a year into the use of FBG, she offered Victoria’s Fit Body Guide Round 2.1, a nine-week plan that builds on the exercising actions within the beginners’ manual and makes use of heavier weights. She turned into hooked. “The endorphins I get once I raise make me feel definitely desirable, like a badass,” she says. “I sense more potent mentally and bodily—it’s like therapy.”
Finding a match fam

After doing the plan for more than one months, Chaves created an Instagram account to report her progress and hook up with different girls. She was stimulated to publish her personal exercise selfies and felt awesome while fellow #FBGGirls could cheer her on inside the feedback. “The greater transparent I became on Instagram, the extra I found out how supportive human beings have been,” she says, including that she’s pals with many women in the network she’s never met IRL.
Figuring out food

With a packed agenda, it changed into difficult to make weekly meal prepping a addiction. When she did, Chaves ended up getting sick of the same factor each day and tossing out half of the food. But as she have become extra in music along with her body, which she credit to the exercises, she started reducing again on fast food in favor of stuff she may want to make at domestic, like a Caesar salad with goat cheese. “I realized that I don’t feel suitable when I eat rapid food, but I’ll nonetheless have it like as soon as a month,” she says.

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