Tim Ryan invites donors to go into drawing for yoga consultation

Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) has unveiled a new campaign drawing imparting a danger for supporters to enroll in him for a yoga session.
Ryan’s marketing campaign is providing donors who contribute earlier than Aug. 1 a risk to win an experience for two to New York for the congressman’s “Healing America Through Mindful Leadership” session.
The yoga elegance might be led by using Rolf Gates and Dan Nevins, “two veterans who apprehend the recovery electricity of yoga and meditation to assist heal trauma,” the marketing campaign said. It will also characteristic a “special respiratory consultation” via New York yoga teacher Eddie Stern.

Ryan, forty-six, has been an established yoga advocate.
As a founding father of the House Military Mental Health Caucus, Ryan stated he has visible yoga “actually transform” veterans who’re dealing with both physical and mental health issues which include put up disturbing strain or amputations.
“As I said, I’m sort of a blue-collar man from a blue-collar city, a vintage quarterback, and why do I speak about yoga?” Ryan requested in the course of an interview with NowThis. “I communicate approximately it because it works. And to watch veterans pass from taking 15 or 20 prescribed drugs down to none, or 1, or 2, or three is to me all the evidence you need.”
Ryan is competing in opposition to two dozen others for the Democratic presidential nomination and has polled in the bottom half of the crowded primary subject.
Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion. There exists conditional devotion. However, unconditional devotion is what is wanted to put off vikshep or instability.
Gyana yoga is the yoga of know-how. It exists to put off ovarian or cowl. Gyana yoga talks plenty approximately the nature of focus. Now the character of focus may be described as ‘sat chit Anand’. ‘Sat’ is life or fact. We are all immortal inside the feel that we’re all souls, and the soul itself is immortal. This is our true nature. We are all on the lookout for our authentic immortal selves – our souls. This is why we constantly goal to live a longer lifestyle – we try to connect with our actual selves – our immortal souls. ‘Chit’ is awareness – consequently, we are all seeking out wisdom, we’re searching out the information that inherently is internal every one of us. ‘Anand’ is bliss. Happiness is that which we’ve got all constantly searched for and inside the inner most center of our beings we are all basically happiness or bliss. On the idea of sat chit anand we are all looking for self-realization or internal happiness through knowledge.
Raja yoga is the kingly course. Just as a king brings regulation and order into his nation, the practitioner of raja yoga regulations the dominion inside – the power of the senses, so as opposed to being dominated using the senses, the yogi is in a state of peace and has his/her senses below control. The yogi brings regulation and order within.
After the Vedic length of Indian philosophy, the Vedantic period started. Vedanta method the quit of the Vedas – the time wherein know-how ceases and self-realization starts.
Within the Vedantic tradition of philosophy, we read that there are five layers above the cognizance which forestall us from identifying with who we’re. We are all certainly so caught up in those five layers that we think we’re these five layers. These layers are acknowledged in Vedanta as the ‘panch kosha’. The phrase ‘panch’ approach five and the phrase ‘kosha’ manner envelopes or coverings over our cognizance. With the practice of yoga we circulate in the direction of the innermost layer.
The first layer is called the food frame or the physical body. This is referred to as the annamaya kosha. It is our physical frame composed of the nutrients we’ve got eaten – protein, minerals and so forth. Many times we identify ourselves with the bodily body and do now not appearance beyond that. Even while we are only looking on the bodily body it’s far crucial to realize that the food we consume makes up our frame and our mind. Therefore through ingesting healthily and additionally through the exercise we keep a healthy and hence satisfied bodily and intellectual state.

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