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Drysol’s generic name is carboxymethylcellulose. Artificial tears are used as an eye lubricant to treat dry eyes. It is caused when insufficient tears are fabricated to maintain lubrication in our eyes. The stinging and burning of dry eyes can be reduced by ensuring enough eye lubricant. 

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How is Drysol Solution used?

Only apply this medicine to the skin. Before using the drug, the afflicted region has to be dry. Dry the afflicted area with a hair more dehydrated to the warm setting if necessary. Learn all of the product’s packaging’s preparation and usage directions. 

Avoid applying the drug to damaged, inflamed, or freshly shaven skin and getting it in your eyes.

Apply a thin layer of this medication to the troubled area once or twice a week from that point on or as your doctor prioritizes. When the sweating is under control, this is often done once a day at bedtime for two to three days. Let the medicine dry after applying it. Cover the area with a glove or sock and plastic wrap if applied to the hands or feet. Wear a shirt if applied to the underarms. Wear a plastic shower hat if you plan to use it on your scalp. Keep this medicine on for six to eight hours.

Wear a plastic shower hat if you plan to apply it to your scalp. Keep this medicine on for six to eight hours. If you moisturize the scalp in the morning, wipe the region with soap or shampoo and then towel dry it. While using this medicine, avoid using any other deodorants or antiperspirants.

If your issue persists or worsens, let your doctor know.

Is Aluminum Chloride Solution also called Drysol OTC?

What’s Drysol ingredients? The topical medication Drysol uses anhydrous ethyl alcohol and aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

It is constrained. Some Drysol formulations, particularly the more potent ones, may only be obtained via prescription. However, there are non-prescription antiperspirants that work similarly to this drug. For instance, Drysol Dab-O-Matic is a topical medicine sold offline at certain pharmacies and online at places like Amazon.

Drysol Dab-O-Matic comes in various formulations with different quantities of aluminum chloride, so getting a prescription might not be your only option. Three strengths of Dab-O-Matic are offered: mild (6.25%), standard (12%), and extremely strong (20%).

Drysol may not be your only option. Drug stores provide additional antiperspirants with prescription strength, and some double as deodorants.

Patients who wish to try OTC antiperspirants for excessive sweating should opt for products that contain 10% to 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

Symptoms of Drysol

Tingling, slight irritation, or pain may appear when the medication is initially administered. Call your doctor immediately if these adverse effects last longer than expected or worsen.

Consider that your doctor prescribed this medication because they thought the benefits to you outweigh the potential adverse effects—many users of this medication report no serious negative 


A severe adverse response to this drug is quite rare. However, if you have any of the following signs of a severe allergic reaction—rash, itching, very dizzy, or trouble breathing—seek immediate medical help.

Drysol Prescription

If you have any allergies to it or possess any adverse effects, let your doctor know before taking aluminum chloride. Inactive components in this drug can cause allergic reactions or other problems. Consult your doctor for additional details.

This substance may corrode metals and discolor garments or other items. While utilizing this medication, avoid touching clothes, bed linens, materials, and metals. Before covering the treated area with clothes, give this medication time to dry thoroughly.

Only when essential should this medication be taken during pregnancy. Ask your doctor for advice on the advantages and hazards.

Is it OK to breastfeed if this medicine is excreted in it? Most essential, consult your doctor before you begin nursing.

Drypol for hyperhidrosis:

CLINICAL EVIDENCE FOR DRYSOL The only first-line treatment for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis that has been clinically validated is Drysol. 98% of the time, Drysol with Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) lowers perspiration while reducing sweat volume by 30%. Regular, supposedly “clinical strength” products fall short in comparison.

Is Drysol deodorant stronger than normal Antiperspirant?

The majority of over-the-counter antiperspirants have active components with an aluminum basis. Drysol contains up to 30% aluminum, compared to traditional antiperspirants’ typical 12–25% concentration. It’s significantly more potent than anything you’d find in the deodorant section of a drugstore.

Best sites to buy Drysol

  1. Drysol Amazon: Amazon has a Drysol Antiperspirant named Salve Sweatgo Antiperspirant Hyperhidrosis Sweat Free Healthy Skin for Unisex at just Rs 170, in roll-on form with scent wood. It is 60ml. 
  2. Drysol Walmart: Walmart has a Drysol Antiperspirant named Drysol Dab-O-Matic Extra Strength Antiperspirant 20% of 35 ml costing $29.97. 


What distinguishes Drysol from other antiperspirants?

DRYSOL is a topical antiperspirant with maximal potency for persons who sweat excessively or have hyperhidrosis. It differs from other antiperspirants of therapeutic strength often purchased from pharmacies because it has a bigger molecule that blocks perspiration for longer and decreases sweat volume.

Do we require a prescription to buy Drysol?

DRYSOL is a readily available over-the-counter drug in Canada. It may be purchased over the counter in the deodorant area of reputable stores nationwide.

Can Drysol harm your health over the long term?

You may have read that the aluminum in deodorants is terrible for you and may even cause cancer or Alzheimer’s. There is no conclusive connection between using aluminum-containing antiperspirants and developing cancer, according to the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer Canadian Association.

Can we use Drysol at night and still apply a conventional deodorant or Antiperspirant?

While using DRYSOL, we do not advise using any other products. We recommend you speak with your doctor about your concerns if your condition has not improved after three days of usage.


The topical medication Drysol treats hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweat, in the hands, feet, and arms. Additionally, it eliminates the foul smell this illness is linked with for those with hyperhidrosis or who engage in employment or sports that make them sweat excessively, which makes their other skin issues worse.

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