Xiaomi introduces ‘Mi Health’ fitness app in China

Xiaomi has delivered a new fitness and fitness app referred to as the ‘Mi Health’ in China. Globally, the organization already has any other fitness-orientated app the Mi Fit on Google Play. According to XDA-Developers, the Xiaomi ‘Mi Health’ app is present to be had in China only. The app has reportedly been developed completely for Xiaomi devices and can’t be hooked up on another Android phone.

As in keeping with the file. The Xiaomi Mi Health is made to be had in the ultra-modern MIUI China Developer 9.7.23 construct. The app is fitness-centered and consequently lets in you to set workout dreams and so on. It tracks your number of steps, sleep schedule, menstruation cycles, body mass index (BMI) and extra within the heritage. The app also gives you visual indicators of your every day, weekly, and monthly hobby.

At gift, the APK for Mi Health by way of Xiaomi is simplest to be had via XDA. It’s been presumed that Xiaomi may additionally publish it to the Google Play save, but for now it’s miles simplest to be had in state-of-the-art MIUI China build in Beta.

In May, Xiaomi delivered a main overhaul to the Mi Fit. The new update upscaled the app model to 4.0 along big side changes to the UI of the app. In addition to the brand new person interface, it additionally brought assist for recording records for brand new varieties of exercises.

As a part of the design alternate, the Mi Fit app now came with a card-based totally interface with three exclusive monitors which include “Workout,” “Friends”, and “Profile”. The “Walking”, “Running”, and “Cycling” tabs all come with a stay view of Google Maps and the current area of the smartphone. When in these three tabs, customers can purchase directly faucet on the “Go” button to begin the tracking. Once the tracking starts, the quantity of distance covered is shown on the pinnacle of the display screen.

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About Zumba Fitness
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Does Zumba Fitness Kinect Really Works?
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