5 super simple home remedies for anxiety

We live in a world where it is common to find people battling anxiety and stress daily. Many situations can trigger worry, from financial woes to family trouble.
02/8 Home remedies to battle anxiety Whether you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or contemplating seeing a therapist, some highly effective home remedies may help calm your mind and lessen stress over time. It is important to understand that lifestyle changes take some time to show results. Hence, your efforts would help if you were patient and regular.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways to battle anxiety naturally:

Old medical home remedies have been used for generations. Everyone has their mother’s or grandmother’s chicken soup recipe for cold care. Many of us have Grandpa’s recipe for cough syrup – the kind with a splash of his favorite whiskey! As health care costs rise and fewer people have access to affordable health care, many people are returning to the tried and true methods of health maintenance by using such remedies. Medical home remedies can benefit from saving money, improving health, and even offering a greener lifestyle.

Traditional and long-used remedies have proven themselves over and over again:

– Alternating hot and cold presses to relieve strained muscles vs. taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications.
– Chicken soup and steam baths to reduce congestion and alleviate cold symptoms vs. over-the-counter or prescription hard pills and cough syrups.

Frequent liquids, natural herbs, and spices to aid treatment and flush the bacterial infections system vs. antibiotics. Some of the best sources for home remedies are your family members. Past generations have used home remedies for all types of ailments.

Remember how your mother cared for you as a child? Think about the small, seemingly insignificant ways she treated you when you were sick. Your mother probably had some home remedies that you’ve forgotten about. Talk to older generations of people; they are often the best source for home remedies. If you have a neighbor much older than you.

Call him and ask how he treated an infected wound “back in his day”. He probably didn’t go to the doctor, spend a fortune on a clinic visit, and then proceed to the drug store to buy an overpriced prescription antibiotic cream. He might tell you to flush the wound with clean water, apply a dab of honey to the damage, and cover it with a bandage. That’s right! Honey! You probably have love in your kitchen pantry already, so use it!

Honey will emit a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the wound to help kill the infection.; You can improve your health with these remedies, thus reducing the cost of health care. Keeping healthy with home remedies keeps you from getting ill and requiring a trip to the doctor. Think of the money you could save to reduce hospital bills, clinic visits, prescription and over-the-counter medicine costs, and even insurance co-pays. The less you need physician care and purchased medicines, the more you save!

Old medical home remedies also have far fewer side effects than prescription medications. All prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs have the potential for serious side effects. This is because these drugs are concentrated doses of potent chemicals. How those chemicals respond in an individual’s body is not always known. Even with the extensive testing and trials that drugs are put through before they are available on the market, they can still be dangerous. Simple home remedies rarely have fatal or serious side effects.

How often do you hear about the debilitating side effects of using a cold press on a strained shoulder? How often do you hear about the dangerous side effects of NSAIDs, though? Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, can be costly. Some people spend over a thousand dollars a month on prescription medications, especially if those people do not have insurance to help cover the costs. Even with insurance, co-pays for multiple drugs add up quickly, and insurance doesn’t always cover all prescriptions. Home remedies may not reduce your need for all drugs, but they can certainly reduce the need for a lot.

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