Politicians’ Efforts to Undermine Providers Are Imperiling Women’s Health

Jeni R., at 21 weeks of pregnancy, visited her OB/GYN for a prenatal checkup and changed into devastated to examine that her being pregnant turned into no longer feasible.1 Her alternatives have been to either terminate the pregnancy or look ahead to the inevitable miscarriage. She and her companion chose the previous. However, because Jeni […]

These five women nutritionists are giving us some severe fitness and fitness desires

Sometimes, existence gets into a vicious circle of strain and starts taking a toll on your fitness. You start to binge eat, locate no time to exercising, and watch the fat pile up. Some girls have bodily ailments like hypothyroidism and PCOS that motive weight benefit as well. There’s constantly confusion about consuming proper. How […]

Managing girls’s health: 5 unique takes on femtech

Evaluations made in 2019 propose that €180bn is being spent on femtech merchandise each year. Despite this, investment has predominantly centered on infertility and duplicate, in place of treating girl scientific problems. As Ridhi Tariyal, co-founder of Nextgen Jane, highlights, “We desire we may want to go out there and say we simply want to […]

Active Women’s Health Initiative Empowers Women to Be Active for a Lifetime

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 24, 2019) – As a youngster, Dr. Mary Lloyd Ireland fell in love with sports activities, which include music, basketball, field hockey, and most drastically, aggressive swimming. But after experiencing lower back ache, she became identified with spondylolisthesis, a defect inside the wing-shaped a part of the vertebrae. At the time, there […]

Opinion: India’s government ought to prioritize ladies’s desires

The 2019 preferred elections in India noticed a file turnout of ladies — same to the percentage of the male electorate — and indicating that girls expect most of the people government of the day to prioritize and cope with their needs. One in their number one expectations is progressed get entry to to ladies’ […]

Elvie’s glossy tech for brand spanking new moms is breaking taboos in women’s fitness

Five years in the past, worldwide funding for the femtech sector had barely reached $one hundred million general. But now the femtech industry is about to peer a massive increase with extra than $four hundred million funneling in — the largest amount of funding the industry has ever obtained. This is lengthy overdue. Traditionally, femtech […]

How debilitating morning illness inspired one lady to build an empire of women’s health products

Amy Upchurch’s pregnancies have now not been smooth. Dealing with debilitating morning illness and infections for her first few pregnancies even as her navy husband changed into deployed prompted her to create merchandise to assist ladies ‘revel in their pregnancies and beyond.’ Upchurch began Pink Stork, which started with a line of merchandise for morning […]

Female-focused physician on call for startups are tackling ladies’s fitness

German startup Yu desires to assist ladies to have more healthy hair, pores, and skin, sex, and wellbeing with health practitioner on-demand services. Just some months old, a few five,000 customers have already ordered the Berlin startup’s first product ⁠— pots of diet chews that claim to enhance hair health and start at €29. The […]

The carers, advocates and reformers of women’s health

The Victorian gold rush, in the mid-nineteenth century, represented a length of titanic wealth and population increase that helped set up Melbourne as one of the richest and most thriving settlements inside the colonies. The surge of populace added social and monetary upheaval and it turned into an era that vilified women who, thru no […]

Bigger Waistlines a Threat to Women’s Health, Even Without Obesity’

WEDNESDAY, July 24, 2019 (HealthDay News) — A widening waistline can harm the health of older girls, even though they avoid weight problems, new studies show. It’s a situation known as “valuable obesity” — an awareness of fats across the abdomen. Central weight problems can arise even though it is not sufficient to shift someone’s […]