Health Care on the Global 500: Brainstorm Health

Happy Monday, readers. I hope you kept cool over the weekend. This morning, Fortune released its latest Global 500 list—a collection of the 500 largest companies in the world by revenues. My colleagues who made this fascinating, informative issue possible point to the rise of China on the list (this is the first year when […]

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Landmark Health Collaborate to Bring In-Home Medical Care

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Landmark Health (Landmark), an industry leader of in-home medical care, have entered into an agreement to offer a new care coordination program for chronically ill Medicare Advantage members with complex health and social needs. The Landmark program brings care to high-need patients where they reside, treating the whole patient with […]

Rural placements for nursing students help address rural health-care shortage

As rural regions of Wisconsin cry out for better health care – and more of it – a partnership between the Monroe Clinic-SSM Health and University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing offers one solution. The reason is simple: Students earning a doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) require several field placements, or preceptorships, and a positive […]

CUSM Class of 2023 Focused on Service and Healthcare for All

San Bernardino, CA, July 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jelena Begovic grew up in Southern California watching her mother care for others as a practicing physician in Pomona. Now, the Wellesley and Boston University graduate is a member of the California University of Science and Medicine, School of Medicine (CUSM) class of 2023, and hopes […]

The Big College Expense You Probably Didn’t Know About And Save For: Mandatory Health Insurance

Even though you may have solid health insurance for your family, the policy’s provisions may not meet the requirements set by the college your child attends. That means you may be forced to buy an entirely new policy the college sells or sponsors. At some colleges, the cost of the policy is over $5,000 for […]

More state spending on health care may be eroding Americans’ health

The rising cost of health care has become one of the largest sources of stress on American household budgets in the 21st century. More than one-quarter of Americans report problems paying medical bills in the past year, and many are sacrificing spending on basic necessities like food and clothing to pay medical bills. It’s no […]

The Most Important Health-Care Tool Is Trust

A new survey offers unprecedented data on public attitudes toward science and health. As the world faces profound science-related challenges – from climate change to antimicrobial resistance – policymakers, practitioners, and civic leaders would do well to learn as much as possible from it. LONDON – Doctors and nurses have traditionally been among the most […]

The “Right” to “Free” Health Care and Education: A Brief History

Citizens have “the right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge; by the system of state stipends for the overwhelming majority of students in the universities and colleges.” Citizens also have the right to “free medical service,” and the provision of a […]

Is this the future of (low-value) healthcare?

Zipnostic is strolling a pilot application in New York that suggests how Apple may want to revolutionize healthcare – all it takes is smarter sensors. First-line reaction The vision for virtual health is one wherein clever machines work with facts from smart sensors to supply enhancements in diagnosis, permitting patients (and scientific specialists) with better […]