Botox Bandit, aka Face Filler Fraudster, receives spa remedies

In Kirkland, Wash., police have identified and are seeking a suspect in a chain of spa-remedy heists that were given her branded as the Botox Bandit.

Lauren Klavano, also called the Face Filler Fraudster, is wanted in a string of what amounts to treatment robberies during the last numerous months.

Botox Bandit, aka Face Filler Fraudster, receives spa remedies 1

The 30-yr-vintage’s ultra-modern victim turned into the DermaVita Skin Care Clinic in Kirkland, police said in a statement Wednesday.

“On July 5th, Klavano had an appointment at DermaVita in which she acquired Botox treatments and then suggested the body of workers she had left her pockets in her automobile,” Kirkland police said. “Klavan then left and never came back. The remedy she acquired fee upwards of $2,000.”

She is suspected of incomparable crimes at different spas, police added. Police Wednesday were in the process of obtaining arrest warrants for Klavano and asking absolutely everyone with an understanding of her whereabouts to come forward.

More spa sufferers have emerged since Kirkland police revealed the difficulty, mentioned KOMO News.

She has acquired as a minimum 3 different Eastside spa remedies considering November, “then bolted whilst it got here time to pay,” KOMO News stated.

Klavan’s M.O. Is quite well-known. She’ll make an appointment at the last minute, depart a faux credit score card range for the reservation, and then get the remedies performed. Just as workers ask her for the cash, “she’ll make up an excuse to step out of doors, leave a non-operating phone or empty purse behind, and in no way come again,” KOMO stated.

Klavan is five feet nine inches tall and weighs 110 kilos, police stated.
Previously she allegedly was given $2,800 worth of Botox, Voluma faces filler, and Juvederm at some other spa, KCPQ-TV pronounced. Bellevue Police informed KCPQ she did the equal element closing November to Naficy Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center, absconding with almost $1,seven-hundred in offerings.

“She desired the closing appointment of the day, so she got here and met with certainly one of our providers to get some Botox and dermal fillers as well,” the middle’s COO, Elena Moye Johnston, advised KCPQ. The consumer could best allow them to take one photograph. When they requested her $1,675 bill, she pretended to get a call from her mom.
“ ‘Oh, I simply need to expire, display my mom where I am,’ ” Klavano, who became there below the call “Kelsey Ryan,” told the spa group of workers. “I am going to leave my purse and my telephone here. I might be proper again.”
When the woman turned into a no-show, the staff opened the bag.

“Took a peek inner, and it turned into a dummy, decoy handbag,” said Moye Johnston. “There become genuinely not anything in there.”
She did the equal thing somewhere else, with a dummy cellular phone, for impact.

“I would love her to pay things back, however at the identical time – I just want it to be stopped,” Lori Jeremiah, Advanced Skin & Body Solutions, instructed KOMO. “And comprehend that this isn’t worth hurting other human beings’ commercial enterprise only for your splendor.”

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