California Massage Therapist Arrested For Raping seventy seven-Year-Old Client

There can be greater sufferers.

When we treat ourselves to a rub down, we count on the closing rest. We may be afflicted by joint issues or are just overworking our bodies, and the hour we spend laying down is supposed to heal our minds as properly. But for at the least three women in California, their rub down experience became a nightmare.

Who is Russell Bernardino? The 43-12 months-old rub down therapist has been charged with the rape of a 77-year-antique girl while serving as her in-domestic caregiver. He’s also accused of sexually assaulting two different girls even as giving massages, hired as a masseuse.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Special Victims Department arrested Bernardino on July seventeenth, and he faces four misdemeanor counts of sexual battery, one criminal matter of sexual penetration by using foreign object and pressure, and one prison count number of forcible rape. He’s currently being held on $a hundred,000 bail and faces up to 21 years in prison.

For three years, Bernardino worked as an authorized rubdown therapist at Massage Envy as well as other corporations.

In April this yr, a 36-year-vintage woman said her alleged sexual assault at the same time as receiving a rubdown and just one month later, a seventy one-yr-old girl claimed she, too, have been sexually assaulted at Massage Envy by using Bernardino. In March 2018, a seventy seven-yr-vintage lady claims he raped her while imparting her in-home fitness care.

Authorities believe he may additionally have other sufferers who have not yet come ahead, and as a result, circulated his image on social media.

Said Sgt. Joses Walehwa, “Clients of his at Massage Envy that has been getting massages carried out and sooner or later at some stage in both those activities, he dedicated some form of sexual assault. One of our biggest issues is that he had to get entry to to additional customers. So a large reason we’re out here today is we’re trying to get the facts, get his image out.”
From 2017 at some stage in 2018, Bernardino worked for West Coast Care and may have worked for different companies. On July 18, he regarded in court docket, standing quietly in the preserving mobile within the court docket. His arraignment has been postponed until the subsequent month.
This isn’t the first time Massage Envy has come beneath fire for sexual attack allegations.
A BuzzFeed News research found greater than a hundred and eighty girls were sexually assaulted at the business. The company stated it’d reform its policies to better protect clients, but haven’t spoken immediately on a case-to-case foundation.
In a statement, the agency stated, “Massage Envy is dedicated to promoting a safe environment for members, visitors and service companies at each of our almost 1,200 franchise places nationwide. We urge each person that reviews some thing aside from a secure, nice rub down to document it at once to the franchise area so that it may be investigated.”

Now that you’ve made a choice to end up a massage therapist, and pursue a career in the discipline of bodywork, you will need to decide what form of remedy to concentrate on. Many therapists select to concentrate on multiple areas of massage therapy. This opens up the door for extra services you may provide (and additionally, extra places in which you can discover employment, which translates into extra cash). Each modality requires its own specialized training. There are approximately 80 extraordinary specialties of massage. However, we’ll only point out some of the greater popular ones here.
Swedish. Swedish rub down is the most commonplace and quality recognized kind of massage inside the US. Swedish rubdown is based totally at the Western principles of anatomy and body structure and was pioneered using Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling. During your training to specialize in this modality, you’ll focus on five fundamental strokes, all which glide in the direction of the heart. This kind of rubdown therapy is a fantastic desire for novices. One of the beauties of this shape of massage is that it may be performed sluggish and gentle or vigorous. More often than no longer, a Swedish rubdown lasts between 50-60 minutes. To carry out this kind of massage, you may use rub down oil to help warm up the muscular tissues. Your consumer will commonly be nude, beneath a towel or sheet. As with other sorts of rub down, Swedish rub down enables to sell rest.
Deep Tissue Massage. Deep tissue rubdown is a style of massage that makes a specialty of operating with the layers of the body to assist loosen up, prolong, and launch holding styles. When you consider deep tissue rub down, you probably think about the masseuse being extremely huge and exerting and the excessive amount of strain. However, that is an incorrect assumption. To gain the outcomes of deep tissue rub down, you’ll learn how to use your elbows and forearms to reap deep outcomes. You will even learn how to exchange the perspective of your contact with the body. Deep tissue rubdown can be completed with out straining and requiring little or no rub down oil. It’s all about proper method, as a result of why it’s important to acquire training within the regions of massage therapy for that you need to specialize.
Sports Massage. Because such a lot of athletes push their bodies to the acute, it is no surprise that lots of them could greatly benefit from the artwork of rubdown. Sports rubdown is a fashion of bodywork that makes a specialty of making use of rub-down strategies and stretching sporting activities to assist decorate overall athletic performance. Massage can be furnished earlier than an occasion, after an event, and for the duration of instances wherein the athlete is a kingdom of protection work (which include a low season ruin). Sports massage is right for human beings with accidents and restrained range of movement. When performing a sports activities rub down, you’ll normally see cognizance on a selected trouble location, just like the neck or shoulders.
Pregnancy Massage. Pregnancy is a time in which a female’s body undergoes some of the adjustments. Pregnancy rub down aims to help a lady discover stability as she is going via these changes. Massage is customized to the one of a kind trimesters because the body modifications notably in the course of all 3 of them. During your schooling, you may study the right way to position a pregnant client at the rub down table. Pregnancy rub down will help to lessen pressure, improve circulation, and make contributions to the overall health of the mother-to-be. Some of the situations you will help to relieve encompass joint ache, sciatic nerve pain, and edema or swelling. You may also find out about the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body, precautions to aid healthful pregnancies, and emotional concerns of pregnant ladies.

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