IHM/Milwaukee Announces Inaugural Men’s Health Golf Outing

The occasion will take area Monday, September 9, at the Bog in Saukville, WI. iHeartMedia Milwaukee announced these days its inaugural Men’s Health Golf Outing. A part of the proceeds from the occasion will gain Tomorrow’s Hope, a local employer committed to facilitating health-associated research, schooling, and aid in regions that include coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s ailment, and different existence-proscribing illnesses.

IHM/Milwaukee Announces Inaugural Men's Health Golf Outing 1

Attendees will get the opportunity to play 18 holes on one among Wisconsin’s high-quality guides and meet some of Milwaukee’s radio and sports activities personalities. Attendees will consist of iHeartMedia Milwaukee’s air personalities Steve Czaban, Drew Olson, KB, Mike Heller, Scott Dolphin, Dan O’Donnell, as well as voice-of-the-Bucks Ted Davis, Dario Melendez from FOX Sports Wisconsin, Channel 12 Sports Director Dan Needles; Packers beat author for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Jim Owczarski, and Kaitlin Sharkey from Fox 6.

Listeners can buy tickets online. The entry fee covers the golfing sport, a golf cart, a boxed lunch, and publish-round festivities encompassing dinner, liquids, and awards.

“We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Men’s Health Golf Outing, which is certain to be a significant occasion for iHeartMedia Milwaukee,” said Market President Colleen Valkoun. “We stay up for an afternoon of doors activities on the way to also gain Tomorrow’s Hope and our network.”


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