KRG to establish board to oversee import of medicine, food: lawmaker

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is about to establish a national commission to oversee the import of food and medication, a Kurdish lawmaker showed on Tuesday.

Zana Mala-Khalid, head of the Food and Medicine Committee inside the Kurdistan Parliament, stated the brand new KRG cabinet plans to shape a board which would oversee the import of drugs into the self-sufficient Kurdish region as well as makes sure first-rate and fair expenses.

One of the new Kurdistan Region cabinet’s plan is to make certain the safety of the populace’s health and properly-being, Mala-Khalid told local media, adding the selection to modify medication imports could “prevent random groups from bringing the medicinal drug into the Kurdistan Region.”

“In a sequence of meetings an ultimate week, we visited medicine storages across the Kurdistan Region and intently determined the import mechanisms non-public corporations use in conjunction with inspection standards presently in the vicinity in all three governorates,” the lawmaker explained.

Mala-Khalid stated that despite the fact that an unfastened market is an effective monetary approach, it isn’t always green for remedy.

“Quality manipulate and the price of clinical materials need to no longer be within the fingers of the private zone, but rather a well-regulated public zone,” he said.

In recent months, citizens inside the Kurdistan Region have expressed their worries over the lack of high-quality control and inflated price of drugs. Most medicine is added in through numerous private companies without a formal and legal framework for the private sectors to operate.

“We are presenting our entire support to establish a countrywide device to alter the imports and guarantee the first-rate of medication and food” within the Kurdistan Region, Mala-Khalid affirmed.

In October 2018, the KRG enforced new guidelines on the place’s pharmaceutical enterprise after sales of counterfeit pills and claims of shady offers between doctors and income organizations.

In November 2018, the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Health recommended residents no longer to buy medicines from places apart from registered pharmacies, noting that the packages ought to have the Ministry’s seal on them.

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