‘Mood above muscle’ — Blink Fitness celebrates eight months in Liverpool

While many people join a gymnasium to improve how they appear, Blink Fitness believes there may be more than meets the eye about staying in shape.
“We are the gymnasium that puts mood above the muscle. We accept as true with that workout isn’t pretty much searching correct — it’s approximately the way it makes you sense,” said J.J. Potrikus, area manager for Blink Fitness Upstate New York.

‘Mood above muscle’ — Blink Fitness celebrates eight months in Liverpool 1

Blink Fitness opened its first Upstate New York location 8 months ago at 4979 W. Taft Road in Liverpool. Plans are in the works to open gyms in Onondaga and Greece out of the doors of Rochester. Patrik said Blink could have “300 places national inside the next three years.”

According to Potrikus, what makes Blink one of a kind from different gyms is its “sense-proper experience.” The colorations of the fitness center are carefully chosen with the mood in mind: papaya orange for invigoration, wave blue for productiveness, and lime inexperienced for tranquility, with the active tune, vibrant lighting fixtures, and plenty of open area for contributors to the training session. “I’ve been a member of a group of various gyms. There are not many other gyms that concentrate on the one’s styles of things,” Potrikus stated. “We’ve long passed in with a culture of greeting human beings with enthusiasm and recognition. Cleanliness and friendliness are paramount to what we’re doing.”

When gym contributors walk inside the door, employees are known as “mood lifters” who greet them and speak out encouragement when they head out the door after their workouts.
“You’ll depart the health club, and a person could be like, ‘You killed it nowadays — you did a super job nowadays,'” Potrikus stated. “They go away with a tremendous vibe and a great electricity.” Blink personnel is anticipated to pitch in to keep the premises glowing properly. “They can inform us we’re continually reinvesting in the health club.

We’re always going to be outstanding pleasant, we’re constantly going to be exceptionally smooth, and we’re always going to be fantastic low cost,” Potrikus said. “If we maintain to do those three matters at an excessive fashionable, our individuals sincerely connect with that.” Blink staffers are honing their connections with gymnasium participants, Potrikus stated, by making it an intention to greet contributors by using names. “Even from our interview process … we’re in search of those energetic and especially prompted, pinnacle-notch folks who we understand are going to greet you with enthusiasm,” Potrikus said.

Another pillar of Blink’s experience-precise experience is personalization. Each new member receives a free session with a personal instructor and gets admission to Blink’s app, which gives recipes, relaxation guidelines, and workouts from companions, including Zumba and Yogaworks. “Based on what you’re searching up and what your fitness and wellness goals might be, it’ll propose stuff that will help you meet the one’s fitness and wellness desires,” Potrikus said. Blink has determined a symbiotic relationship with the Wegmans grocery shop within the identical plaza in its vicinity on Taft Road. Potrikus stated that the Onondaga and Greece locations could be properly located in Wegman’s plazas.

“The courting with Wegmans has been high-quality. … It’s been a phenomenal partnership,” he stated. “It makes experience: People who want to workout … need to eat well to go shopping after exercising,” Patrik said someone’s success in their fitness journey is cumulative. The higher their feelings, the more likely they are to keep their health club habitual and expand their healthful habits. “It doesn’t matter what the size says; it matters how you sense after that exercise,” he stated. “It makes you want to eat a bit bit more healthy, it makes you want to drink a touch greater water, you’re smiling a bit bit more. It’s more than how the actual workout makes you sense. It’s how the workforce makes you feel.”

‘Community Sweat’

Blink Fitness and Lululemon Syracuse are web-hosting a “Community Sweat” at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 27, at Blink, Liverpool. The elegance will feature HIIT/circuit schooling.

It’s very uncommon that I will write, comment, or otherwise vent online; however, after thinking the concept over, I’ve decided to share a few of my thoughts about what fitness is, what it is approximately, and who needs to be considered the match. Of course, that is only my opinion on this factor in history.

However, it deserves to be cited nonetheless. I’m scripting this, admittedly, out of disappointment. I read healthy humans articles, newsletters, and blogs continuously, a good way to research and enhance myself in this enterprise we name fitness; however, currently, I’ve come upon some very in-shape human beings drawing strains within the sand (concerning what health is), that, in my opinion, don’t want to be there.

Now you’ve heard me say it a million times! Fitness (technically) is usually defined in a manner that has something to do with having premiere levels of:
cardiovascular endurance,
muscular patience,
muscular electricity,

While that is proper, and I agree, I think we’re speaking about a quantitative way to observe a qualitative problem. Yea, sports activities are quantitative. How good a deal, how many, how low, how high, how strong, how far, how massive, how long – are things we frequently companion with the game. In America, we tend to be a quantitative society.

We need to realize how much cash a person has, who has the most buddies, who spend the most on garments, who has the bottom frame fats percent, who can bench press the maximum weight, and who can run the longest distance with the least time. We are captivated with numbers, quantities, and maintaining ratings.

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