Bangalore news LIVE: Yeddyurappa waits for Central BJP nod to stake claim in Karnataka

Bangalore News Today Live Updates: BJP waits for very last advice from national leadership to decide on subsequent move; no signs and symptoms of rebellion MLAs yet; caretaker CM Kumaraswamy claims 14-month-authorities ran smoothly amid numerous challenges.

Bangalore News Today Live Updates: BJP leader Yeddyurappa is waiting for word from the BJP excessive command in Delhi for the following action points in Karnataka. Senior Karnataka leaders are tenting in Delhi to apprehend the troubles in forming the subsequent government in Karnataka.

With the difficulty of the rise up disqualification no longer but decided upon via the Speaker, central BJP feels that matters need to resolve before Yeddyurappa stakes a declare. A clean line of motion is expected to be given out with the aid of these days evening.

Caretaker CM H D Kumaraswamy stated on Wednesday that the coalition authorities was run “easily” for 14 months. He additionally thanked all officials for his or her cooperation all through the tenure.

At the identical time, the sword of disqualification nonetheless hangs at the heads at the 13 rebel legislators. Congress leaders had been confident that they could be disqualified in an afternoon or , which could ensure that none of them may want to grow to be a minister in the new government.

Meanwhile, the BJP legislative celebration met below the leadership of B S Yeddyurappa. However, the leaders are looking forward to very last advice from the country wide management at Delhi to determine on their subsequent step. “The BJP government can be strong as granite, as soon as it’s miles formed in Karnataka. Everybody is glad that the (coalition) government didn’t live to tell the tale any more,” P. Muralidhar Rao, BJP popular secretary in-price of Karnataka stated on Wednesday.

As the Congress-JD(S) alliance collapsed in Karnataka, here is a status check of all of the Opposition leaders who had been gift on the swearing-in ceremony of Kumaraswamy turning it into an Opposition display of strength fourteen months in the past.

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