Space information: Astronomers are sure the Milky Way ‘violently’ consumed every other galaxy

Astronomers have shockingly announced that THE Milky Way galaxy violently gobbled a neighboring cluster of stars and planets about 10 billion years ago.

Galaxies like our Milky Way frequently collide with each other while attracted via their effective gravitation pull. The galactic mergers are generally innocent – there’s too much space between planets and stars to connect – however, it indicates how dynamic the cosmos is. In March 2019, for instance, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope witnessed the merger of two galaxies dubbed NGC 6052. And now, for the first time, astronomers at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) have established how the Milky Way took elements in a galactic ceremonial dinner of its personal 10 billion years ago.

Space information: Astronomers are sure the Milky Way ‘violently’ consumed every other galaxy 1

In a look posted on Monday in Nature Astronomy magazine, scientists diagnosed a “violent collision” in the Milky Way’s earliest days.

The IAC stated: “Thirteen thousand million years in the past, stars started to shape in one-of-a-kind stellar structures which then merged: one became a dwarf galaxy which we name Gaia-Enceladus, and the opposite changed into the main progenitor of our universe, a few four times extra massive and with a bigger proportion of metals.

“Some ten thousand tens of millions of years in the past, there was a violent collision between the extra-large system and Gaia-Enceladus.

“As a result, a number of its stars and this of Gaia-Enceladus had been set into chaotic motion, and in the end fashioned the halo of the existing Milky Way.”

After that, the IAC said there had been greater “violent bursts of star formation” until approximately six billion years ago.

Stellar gas quickly settled into the galactic disc because it fashioned the Milky Way’s so-called thin disc.

The thin disc is a characteristic of spiral galaxies like the Milky Way and carries famous person clusters, stellar dirt, and gas.

Because of our sun gadget’s role within the galactic aircraft, astronomers can look at the disc in the notable element.

And due to the fact skinny discs are home to giant portions of dust and gas, they’re often taken into consideration as a breeding ground for new stars to shape.
So, how exactly did the astronomers come to these conclusions about the Milky Way?

Using the outstanding Gaia area telescope, the IAC charted almost one million stars’ position, brightness, and distance inside the Milky Way.

This allowed the astronomers to examine and assess stars within the galaxy’s thick disc – a place around the skinny disc – and the galaxy’s glowing halo.

Stars within the halo were discovered to be bluer and had a smaller quantity of metals in their composition.

The contrary became authentic for “redder” stars within the thick disc.

This difference led the researchers to consider the bluer stars as the remnants of a dwarf galaxy – Gaia-Enceladus.

The IAC said: “These findings, with the addition of the predictions of simulations, which can also be analyzed in the article, have allowed the researchers to complete the records of the formation of the Milky Way.”

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