Employees at North County fast meals eating place say they are not getting paid

NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV.Com) – Brandy Luster says she has a developing challenge about her future at Popeye’s on Halls Ferry Road. “It’s irritating because I got children, I got payments that I need to pay,” says Luster. Luster says she and, as a minimum, ten different personnel have long gone almost a month without a complete paycheck.

Employees at North County fast meals eating place say they are not getting paid 1

News four went to the eating place and spoke with the manager to discover what was happening and why. The supervisor even admitted worker pay has been inconsistent.
“I’m training to be a supervisor, so I do not just need to throw it out of the window. I’ve been giving them time to figure it out to fix the trouble,” said Luster.
Luster says numerous employees have ended due to pay troubles.

Popeye’s location is a franchise shop operated via Houston, Texas-based HZ Foods.
Legal professionals inform News Four that groups should observe federal legal guidelines regarding pay. If an employee doesn’t get paid, they should attain their state’s employment organization to start a research. The final results of that investigation may want to value the corporation their commercial enterprise license and pressure them to pay fines and penalties.
News 4 reached out to Popeye’s corporate workplaces about the pay problems. A representative said they could not deliver their public relations touch and that someone would contact News Four about the matter.

News 4 has yet to hear lower back.

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