Employees at North County fast meals eating place say they are not getting paid

NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV.Com) – Brandy Luster says she has a growing situation regarding her destiny at Popeye’s on Halls Ferry Road. “It’s frustrating because I got children, I got payments that I need to pay,” says Luster. Luster says she and at least ten personnel have passed nearly a month without a full paycheck.

Employees at North County fast meals eating place say they are not getting paid 1

News four went to the restaurant and spoke with the manager to determine what was happening and why. The manager even admitted worker pay has been inconsistent.

“I’m educated to be a supervisor, so I do not just need to throw it out of the window. I’ve been giving them time to parent it out to fix the problem,” said Luster.

Luster says several employees have ceased because of the pay troubles.

The Popeye’s area is a franchise store that uses Houston, Texas-based HZ Foods.

Legal professionals tell News 4 that agencies need to comply with federal legal guidelines concerning pay. Workers must contact their nation’s employment agency to start research if they aren’t paid. The final results of that research should price the enterprise their business license and pressure them to pay fines and consequences.

News 4 reached out to Popeye’s company workplaces about the pay troubles. A representative said they could now not supply their public members of the family touch and that a person would contact News four about the matter. If you believe you studied that food is the enemy, you may never have an amazing mindset toward taking your meals and flip your plan to shed pounds into something disastrous. Remember that food ought to be looked at as something that nourishes not simply the body but also the soul.

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