Man tubing at Sand Hollow suffers boat prop harm

ST. GEORGE — Emergency responders at Sand Hollow State Park spoke back to harm related to a boat prop Tuesday afternoon. Park Manager Jonathan Hunt said that The incident occurred around four 3 p.m. while a family on the water was pulling a person in the back of a ship on a tube. When the boat got to a stop, the line saved shifted toward the back of the vessel. The man on the line, whom Hunt defined as the grandfather in the group, had a leg within the water and thought the prop had been closed off.

Man tubing at Sand Hollow suffers boat prop harm 1

His leg touched the still-lively prop and changed into a cut near the knee. “He’s going to be just first-class,” Hunt said of his injuries, adding that the person received hospital treatment on the scene. As a standard rule, Hunt advises boaters to show off the boat’s motor if they may be stopped and those are close by within the water.

“A prop cut is something you by no means need to peer at the water,” Hunt stated, noting that severe damage can result from a limb contacting the spinning blades of a ship’s propeller. “There’s no such issue as a pretty prop reduce.”

This particular example turned out better than expected, he stated.

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