We Ranked All of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s New Friends-Themed Drinks

If I had my manner, this tale might be headlined: “The One Where a Guy Drinks All the Friends-Themed Drinks To Determine Which One Tastes Best.” You recognize because it’s how all of the episodes had been titled! You are probably asking, why are there Friends-themed espresso drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf right now, you know, 15 years after the very last episode aired? Two motives: The TV display is extra popular than ever, and when manufacturers see an opportunity for synergy, they pounce… which is to say, maybe we’ll be getting a chain of Everybody Loves Raymond-themed pasta at Romano’s Macaroni Grill earlier than we thought.
Warner Bros. Is celebrating the display’s 25th anniversary by using partnering with the national java chain Coffee Bean and freeing six beverages, each named after one of the predominant castmembers. (There are also new Central Perk coffees and one tea.) There isn’t any legitimate drink for Gunther or Mike Hannigan. We’re disenchanted, too. Here’s how we rank all of the new Friends drinks.

6. The Rachel

Her drink: Matcha Latte
Coffee Bean’s promotional substances say that “The Rachel” is a matcha latte not due to the fact her closing call is the color of this tea, despite the fact that that could’ve been suitable enough for me! Instead, it says, “the gently sweetened combo of ceremonial grade matcha with our silky vanilla powder and milk is best for trendsetters and matcha fanatics.” I say that it tastes a bit too much like the powdery residue leftover at the bottom of a protein shake.

Furthermore, I’m no longer certain this drink is a great suit for Rachel. One of her most defining characteristics turned into her hair, which I can only believe smells like Pantene Pro-V. This drink does not contain odor at all like a hair-styling product, which might be a mild improvement.

Five. The Joey
His drink: Mango Cold Brew Tea
I’m loving how coffee chains are experimenting with iced teas, and that is a notable instance of the trend. This is a mixture of sweet mango puree with bloodless brewed Scottish Breakfast tea. Coffee Bean says “the sweet, juicy flavor of mango pairs with a fruity cold brew tea” and then they made a “How you doin’?” reference which you are higher for having now not read. I saved you; you’re welcome.
Anyways, HOW YOU DOIN’? I make all the Joey references round here, Coffee Bean! To me, Joey can be a touch a good deal (even though no longer almost as plenty as Chandler), and this drink has a bit an excessive amount of mango in it. Like Joey, the concept of a cold-brewed mango tea sounds scrumptious, however then you get up close, and you watched higher of it. There’s a motive the Joey spinoff didn’t close long.

Four. The Chandler
His drink: Caramel Coconut Latte
If you believe you studied the people at Coffee Bean selected random liquids off the menu and coupled them with characters, you are incorrect. They notion this through. “Chandler is the type of man or woman who would mock a caramel coconut latte, order one ironically, after which find out that it’s his preferred drink inside the global,” stated Nurit Raich, CB&TL’s senior director of product innovation.
Will you allow me to check this drink in the way Chandler would? Cool? Here goes: “Could this drink be any more coconut?” OK, I’m accomplished. I want they wouldn’t have selected a hot drink (even though it could be ordered iced!) inside the center of a warmness wave throughout tons of the usa. If you don’t like lattes that taste like espresso, it’s a splendid choice. The coconut and caramel flavors are greater diffused than you’d expect, and that they type of work in concert!

Three. The Ross
His drink: Classic Flat White
If Coffee Bean had paid me one million bucks to pair those liquids with Friends characters, I might by no means come up with anything funnier than a flat white for Ross. But they didn’t pick that drink so one can point out that he’s a quite uninteresting white dude in a sequence that makes New York look whiter than Pleasantville. Instead, Coffee Bean’s promo materials say that there’s “no awkwardness right here, this beverage is sophisticated and smooth, just how Ross Geller desires to be.”
I will say that this drink amazed the hell out of me, like when I saw Ross mislead Rachel that he got their marriage annulled, however truly he didn’t. Ah shit, spoiler alert? Anyways, the good information is that it doesn’t flavor like a cup of candy, hot milk. It has way more espresso flavor than you’re looking forward to from a drink that has extra milk in it than espresso, and it has a stunning layer of foam on top. This is a amazing desire named for someone with a history of making terrible selections.

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