What Fast Food Makes The Best Leftovers?

Today, we’re speakme about pizza, paper, tolerating carrying activities while sober, cream cheese, and greater.

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Luis Paez-Pumar:

What are the fine, speedy meals to consume as leftovers? (Inspired by an overdue nighttime Popeye’s run this weekend, which is my answer.) Yeah, it’s Popeyes. Many of my colleagues said pizza, but I’d more alternatively devour leftover Popeyes than a reheated pizza.

What Fast Food Makes The Best Leftovers? 1

Not even close, simply. I over-order every time I visit Popeyes, and the reason I achieve this is because I am attracted to fried hens and recognize that if I come with leftovers, that’s a true blessing. Second place goes to any bloodless sub from Subway due to the fact, nicely, it’s a cold sub from Subway. It became probably a day old while you got the fucking aspect besides. It’ll keep simply high-quality. The bread at Subway does not obey the general laws of bread thermodynamics. Honorary mentions to Chick-fil-A nuggets that are easy to reheat in the toaster oven and flavor correct sufficient as leftovers to help me neglect the moral compromise I made in patronizing a business enterprise that is the top social justice priority of brain-diseased Texan governors. Those nuggets fare better after nighttime in the fridge than a complete CFA sandwich. You’re doomed once you need to keep a griddled bun of any kind. Ditto any stray moist pickle slices. Luis says the worst leftover fast meals are Taco Bell, and at the same time, as I’m positive it’s a robust contender, I would like to notice that the taste of any speedy food burger, particularly a low-hire one from the likes of Wendy’s, has the 1/2 life of francium-223. You must immediately consume that burger, or it becomes a dirt bunny. I know a McDonald’s hamburger can sit out at room temperature and, way to the funeral parlor, preservatives tucked therein can stay intact for 783 consecutive days. But that doesn’t imply it’s going to be appropriate on that 783rd day.


Why is cream cheese a bagel unfold and now not a toast-in-general grow?
Because our society lacks VISION, a few enterprising café proprietors will one day begin presenting cream cheese toast as an opportunity for avocado toast. Then it’ll take off, after which Bloomberg will tweet some shit like, “Millennials could afford most cancers surgical procedure if they didn’t spend so much every month on cream cheese toast!” That’s all coming. For now, cream cheese stays tethered to the bagel. Or because a bagel is the proper thickness to accommodate cream cheese, that’s thick and hefty and requires 50,000g of starch beneath to counterbalance its fatty power.

When I turned into a child, I was such a little bagel hog that my mother might make me cream cheese sandwiches on white bread toast as soon as I had depleted a bag of Lenders from the shop. And I cherished them. I had no petty foodie grievances with that sandwich because I became younger, fat, and (occasionally) satisfied. What’s abnormal is I by no means troubled consuming them once I became a person. Time to repair that…

Not terrible. Pretty fit to be eaten. I forgot that cream cheese is tough to unfold on everyday toast without compromising the bread. Hence, bagels. You could evolve drying cement across a bagel, and the bagel could keep you company.

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