Your Best Life: Self-care and yoga

Self-care is a buzz word throughout social media nowadays, but it is more than just bubble baths and face mask.
In this week’s “Your Best Live” 6 News’ Leslie Draffin chats with a yoga trainer whose process is targeted around self-care to find out what this practice is all approximately and how we will all get in on it.
Serena Lewis is a yoga instructor at Temple Yoga Wellness who says self-care is part of her process.
“Self-care, to me, manner doing the matters that I’d as an alternative no longer do– the matters that I’d instead now not feel,” Lewis stated. “It method to tend to my frame once I would like to fake that I do not have one.”
For Lewis, self-care manner “to take care of yourself or honor yourself.”
That definition comes in many forms.
Lewis said self-care is taking bubble baths, journaling, strolling in nature, studying an e-book– something that makes you take a second to yourself.
For her, it’s often hitting the yoga mat.
“When you return to your practice – whether or not you practice in a cushion on a mat or in a chair- you are coming to the practice for you,” Lewis said. “You’re showing up for your self. It does not rely on which you’re, if you have the energy, when you have the power due to the fact yoga does not ask you to be something but yourself. I think it is beautiful.”
Studies display self-care has many high-quality effects on mental and physical fitness.
Doctors say it also triggers the rest response, which in flip can prevent continual stress from unfavorable your fitness.
But Lewis said it isn’t continually smooth to do the things you realize your body needs.
“Self-care is difficult. It takes loads of paintings,” Lewis stated. “It takes numerous effort, and I assume that if your self-care practice doesn’t seem like what you need it to look like it’s k. It’s difficult. It takes time, but to exercise self-care is to congratulate your self for the little things which you did accomplish.”
Lewis frequently uses social media to get ideas for her own self-care and show off her practices for her clients.
“When I put up on my social media approximately self-care, I always put up what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and the way it is helping me,” Lewis stated. “It’s motivating different human beings to want to attend to themselves. I suppose it’s crucial. When you exercise self-care, you’re allowing yourself your existence to be important. And when you allow your existence to be crucial, you may permit different people’s lives to be just as vital as your personal.”
One precise self-care technique Lewis makes use of each day is setting the alarm on her telephone to remind her to put in writing three matters she loves approximately herself in her notes.
She says it’s simple but effective with regards to boosting her emotions of self-love and is an easy self-care practice.
If you’d like to learn more approximately self-care, Lewis is website hosting a “Self-care and Yoga” event this Saturday, July 27th from 10:30 – 12:30 at Temple Yoga Wellness in Temple.

Over the past few decades, a totally common false impression has taken root inside the minds of humans. There is a belief that Yoga is all approximately fitness and exercise. An added false impression is that Yogasanas (or Asanas) are body movements and poses which can be complicated to perform however make the frame supple.
Yes, asana or postures do make the body supple. Just like stretching and other styles of frame actions do. But Yoga and yogasanas are so much greater than simply health hints.
In the West, somewhere across the 19th Century and 20th Century, Yoga becomes brought using Indians to the people, so they too may additionally benefit from it. As expected it changed into an exceptional fulfillment. But there started a commercialization of yoga, so one can make it greater attractive to the public. Yoga went from being an artwork to a schooling consultation.
This is some thing we want to apprehend, is extremely risky. Yoga isn’t always something that ought to be accomplished with the wrong thoughts or intentions. It has results of its own.
Yoga is a manner of life. It isn’t always a ritual to be completed; it is an addiction that one makes a part of existence. The ultimate purpose of Yoga is to attain liberation or Moksha. But yoga has a large impact on our everyday lives.
Five simple ideas of Yoga
• Asana (postures)
• Pranayama (Breathing manipulate)
• Shavasana (Relaxation)
• Sattvic (Right Diet)
• Dhyana (Meditation)
It is most effective when these five simple standards are followed that you could name himself a practitioner of Yoga. When a person plays yoga, he surrenders himself to the universe and becomes one with the widespread power. It is a totally effective source of life and have to be now not handled gently.
Let us now have a look at a few more essential sides of yoga.
Schools of Yoga
In Hinduism, there are the following styles of Yoga, which can be to be practiced. Please note, right here Yoga would not speak about postures. Yoga is in reality an exercise. As I noted earlier, it’s far a manner of lifestyles. These colleges of yoga were hence, a part of existence.
1. Jnana Yoga
Jnana means ‘know-how’ in Sanskrit. In the historic instances, when there has been a device of ‘Gurukul’ (college students stayed with instructors and received knowledge), this become the initiation of the pupil into education and the area of know-how. The teachings blanketed information about the whole thing beneath the solar. This Jnana yoga have become the inspiration for yogic information and information.
2. Bhakti Yoga
Bhakti or devotion, is an critical component of yoga. Through this form of yoga, one expressed love and devotion in the direction of God. Here God is the Supreme Being. It does no longer consult with any symbolic God, definitely familiar energy. The concept changed into to transport the yogi, toward religious awakening.

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